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You've seen them appearing all over the place. HDTVs delivering dynamic content in locations such as retail stores, hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms areas, and airports.

Digital Signage is rapidly becoming the replacement for traditional signage.

You can’t drive down the road, walk into a restaurant, head to an airport, even go to a school anymore without seeing digital signage. The reason for this is the incredible versatility of the signs to be instantly customized, display rich content, and its overwhelming ability to manage multiple signs at once


Digital is a unique medium unto itself that combines the power of mass media with the precision of niche marketing.

Let our team at Eleven Heights become your true integration partner. Our dedication and experience, speaks for itself with satisfied clients spanning many industries. Since no two clients are the same, neither are our solutions. Challenge drives innovation - bring us your idea and push our team to create something remarkable for you!

Increase Engagement

Motivate Customers

Realtime Updates

Easy to Implement

Ready to join the digital sign revolution?

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards attract viewers, generate product excitement and have a tangible effect on revenue. We provide complete Digital Menu Board Solutions for businesses.

Interactive Kiosks

Enhance customer services with a touch-based, all-in-one self-service terminal.Convert casual visitors into committed customers with a multi-touch interactive kiosk solution

Content Management

Eleven Heights facilitates the creation, monitoring, and deployment of content across digital displays and also provide - 24/7 digital content management.

Scheduled Content

Create playlists to schedule your content delivery down to the second.You have full control over what displays and when.

Realtime Updates

Display realtime updates from your social media. You can even incorporate live news and weather feeds for the convenience of your customers.

Self Serve

Update display content on your own with ease using our custom made templates designed specifically for your business.

Customers don’t just glance—they engage.

Digital signage makes an impression.One study advertised certain food items at different locations where those items were sold, some of which had static signage and some digital. The items advertised with digital signs experienced, on average, a 49 percent increase in sales versus a control period where there was no advertising.


Business owners love digital signage!

In a study of small business owners who had installed LED signs, 86 percent of those surveyed said they thought the signs had brought them new customers. Nearly as many (83 percent) noticed an increase in sales after installation. And eighty-nine percent of the business owners recommend LED signs to others

Everything a brand needs to drive sales.

Automatically show the right offer, at the right price, at the right time, at the right place.

Digital signage forms part of the multichannel marketing strategy, acting as a canvas for unlimited marketing content, campaigns and promotions. It bridges the gap between virtual and physical by offering a complete online product catalogue in store, providing a seamless experience across multiple channels.

Being forced to stand in long queues, search for products, verify prices and check merchandise availability frustrates customers. There is therefore a huge sales potential for companies to capture lost opportunities by making the shopping experience more efficient and satisfying. Digital Signage creates an immersive in-store experience, maximising cross-sells, upsells and impulse buys by quickly adapting and deploying content in real time.

Using a test-focused approach, we make sure to obtain the best results specific to your company. Our team will constantly test and enhance all aspects of your website, checking (and re-checking) what works and what doesn’t in order to turn more of your visitors into converted customers.

Just a Few of Our Happy Clients.

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With 4k Ultra HD drastically improving the visuals on a video wall, retailers are increasingly turning to displays as a low-cost way of informing and entertaining customers. The impact of video walls adds to their effectiveness by engaging users with their environments.

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