Loyalty Card

Loyalty & Gift Card Solutions

Grow repeat business with your own loyalty program that is powerful, flexible and easy to join.

Customer Loyalty Program

Joining your Loyalty program couldn’t be easier. Just switch it on and every qualifying purchase earns loyalty. New customers are automatically added into the program. Forget to sign up a customer during a sale? No problem, with our solution your customers can register and redeem loyalty later, online, by following simple instructions on their printed or email receipt.

Earning & Redeeming Loyalty Rewards.

Customers earn loyalty on every qualifying purchase. Encourage new customers to join by offering additional loyalty points if they register online. Loyalty is earned in your local currency, so it's easy for customers to see the benefits. Customers can see their loyalty balance on receipts, and redeem it as credit against future purchases. Staff can view a customer's loyalty balance at the sell & payment screens. Applying credit during checkout is as easy as clicking a payment type. Loyalty balances are then instantly updated.

Effective Web Development Solutions

We work closely with our clients when establishing goals and objectives for their online activity. Our team of experts uses a wide range of industry-tested tools, resources and techniques for an accurate analysis of your business, customers and competition. At the end of our analysis and audit, we submit a comprehensive report on our findings, which includes clear and informed recommendations about the next steps to take.

Ongoing performance strategy

The information presented in our reports gives you complete transparency and can subsequently enhance your ongoing, performance-optimizing strategy.

Optimizing behavior

We’re able to effectively plan strategies while optimizing behavior via performance analytics. All are tailored to be as effective as possible to meet the business needs and commercial objectives of each of our clients.

Gift Card Solutions

Merchants use a variety of displays to promote their Gift Cards near the check-out register along with paper card holders for gift giving. When a customer purchases a Gift Card with cash, check, or credit card, the clerk then swipes a gift card through a POS card terminal or other device and executes an Add Value transaction to record the value for that card in the host database. The funds paid remain in the merchant's bank account and the gift card is then used to keep track of that value until fully redeemed.
Effective Web Development Solutions

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