Llyona is a YouTube beauty blogger based out of Montreal. When she reached out to Eleven Heights she was just beginning her weekly uploads and wished to grow her channel quickly via YouTube video ads. Eleven Heights had the task of building Llyona's website, managing her social media pages, and setting up ad campaigns for each video on various networks to establish her online presence.

Web Design for Llyona.com

Llyona Makeup Channel Video

Views on Llyona videos (each spike is when Eleven Heights began ad campaign)
Channel Subscribers by Region


To raise awareness of Llyona's YouTube channel and build a modern website blog



We’ve achieved a Click Through Rate (CTR) of 1.3% on the YouTube video ads, which generated a 315% increase in unique visitors over the span 6 months. The website organic traffic also saw a 40% increase in organic visits over 5 months.

85,000 Video Views

650 Channel Subscribers

From The Client

Eleven Heights has been managing my account since I started off six months ago. Since then, I have around eighty-five thousand views and a lot of engaged subscribers. All I really have to do is worry about my content and they do the rest for me, so I strongly recommend Eleven Heights for managing your social media accounts for social growth.

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